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What is a "Trigger", and how do I benefit from it?

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A Trigger is a business rule that you can define to automatically execute an action in response to:

  • The creation, deletion, or update of any record in Accompa.
  • Days elapsed before or after specific dates related to any record in Accompa.

Triggers are extremely helpful in streamlining your work-flow. Your Accompa account comes with the ability to add triggers to objects like "Features", "Requirements", and "Use Cases".  You can also add triggers to custom objects.

Examples of Triggers:

  • A trigger can automatically send an e-mail to the author or creator of a "Requirement" anytime the "Requirement" is updated.
  • A trigger can automatically update picklist fields when specific conditions are met.
  • A trigger can send an automatic email to a team member that a "Feature" is due for release in 3 days.
  • A trigger can automatically send an e-mail to your lead engineer anytime a new "Requirement" is created.
  • A trigger can:
    • Automatically send an e-mail with the title and description of the "Feature" to your product design team anytime that "Feature" is assigned the status "Approved", and at the same time automatically send your engineering team a separate e-mail including the desired "Release Date" and other important information regarding the same "Feature".

Benefits of Triggers:

  • Update users automatically regarding additions or changes to any records in Accompa.
  • Inform members of your team about change in "Status", "Estimated Completion Date", or other important fields of any record.
  • Prevent items from slipping through the cracks with date-based email reminders.
  • Update a record's picklist fields when certain criteria are met - to automate your workflow and save valuable time.

Please note: It can take between 15-60 seconds after a Trigger's conditions are met for it to fully process.

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