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Requirements Management Software for
Product Management, BA & Engineering Teams

Capture, Track and Manage Requirements with Ease

Requirements are extremely valuable information to high-tech companies. Requirements management is one of the most crucial roles played by Product Management, Business Analysis & Engineering teams. Yet, if your company is like most - you and your team do not yet have well-designed requirements management software to help manage requirements effectively.

Your team likely manages requirements gathering & tracking activities using ill-suited tools such as spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel), word processors (Microsoft Word), wikis, email folders, or even sticky notes! The complexity in managing requirements using such tools is wasting your team's time, causing project delays & failures and even resulting in lost customers.

Should You Use Requirements Management Software?

Does requirements management play an important role in project success? Should you manage requirements using purpose-built requirements management tools, rather than general-purpose tools like Word, Excel and wikis? Consider what Gartner and CIO Magazine have to say about these questions...

"Requirements management can be simplified if initial requirements definitions are captured in a database-based tool to enable collaborative review... traceability and versioning/change control"

Matt Light, Research Director, Gartner

"Analysts report that as many as 71% of software projects that fail do so because of poor requirements management, making it the
single biggest reason for project failure..."

Christopher Lindquist, Fixing the Requirements Mess, CIO Magazine
As you can see from the quotes above, poor requirements management is a leading cause of software project delays (and even failures). And a good requirements software can help your team achieve project success. Check out our blog post Requirements Management Tools Overview for a detailed overview of how you can benefit from such tools.

How Requirements Management Software from Accompa Can Help You

Eliminate shortcomings caused by ill-suited tools and build a systematic, professional requirements management process with cloud-based (SaaS) requirements management software from Accompa and its purpose-built features for managing requirements that help product management, business analysis & engineering teams at hundreds of companies (from Fortune 500s to growing startups).
Excel, Word and wikis lead to WASTED TIME... and even project FAILURE. Click to learn why & how to SUCCEED
Discover the powerful features you get from Accompa's requirements software, the 4 key benefits you can enjoy, the reasons why you should choose Accompa, and how companies get 17x ROI from Accompa.
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Who Uses Accompa Requirements Software

Accompa is used today at hundreds of companies of all sizes (from Fortune-500 companies to growing startups) by:
  • Product Management & Product Marketing Teams
  • Business Analysis (BA) Teams
  • Engineering Teams
  • Project Management & Program Management Teams
  • Others personnel (such as Requirements Analysts, Systems Analysts, et al) who gather, manage, track or consume requirements for products & projects

What You Can Do Using Accompa

Get Accompa to help your team manage requirements (product requirements, market requirements, etc) and feature requests with a powerful web-based software for requirements management - and save time spent in juggling ill-suited tools such as spreadsheets, word processors and wikis. You can:
  • Capture and manage structured requirements easily over the web from any computer using our requirements gathering software.
  • Track requirements, features & use cases in an efficient fashion, eliminating the hassles of general-purpose tools (such as Word, Excel and wikis) or ill-suited requirements management tools.
  • Build custom web forms & email addresses within minutes and use them to gather feature requests from customers and internal teams such as Sales & Support.
  • Track and follow-up on all requirements with our requirements tracking tool to avoid missed requirements, and create successful products that meet customer needs.
  • Customize Accompa right from your web browser to fit your organization's unique needs.
  • Share up-to-date requirements with all of your teams and collaborate using tools such as discussion threads - to avoid incomplete & inaccurate requirements.
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Is Accompa Proven to Work?
Yes. Hundreds of companies of all sizes (from Fortune-500 companies to growing startups) use Accompa every day to manage their requirements. They achieve increased productivity and faster time-to-market - while avoiding project delays and gaining better visibility & control.

Accompa delivers proven business results:
On average, our customers have been able to achieve 16% productivity gains (which amounted to $4749 per user per year). This translates into a compelling 17x ROI (here's how).
Accompa starts at just $199/month. No installation or maintenance is required - as it's a web-based requirements software delivered using cloud/SaaS model. Click here for your 30-day FREE Trial - you can get started in less than 5 minutes.
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Requirements Management: "Requirements" are desired characteristics of a product or service. Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Analysis and Engineering teams usually get these "requirements" in the form of feature requests, enhancement requests and product feedback from internal and external stakeholders - as well as their own market and user research. "Requirements Management" refers to the collection of activities undertaken by a team in order to gather, store, track, prioritize and implement requirements.

Requirements Management Software, Requirements Management Tools: Software tools used to gather, track and manage requirements for products or projects. This can run the gamut from general-purpose tools (such as spreadsheets and word processors) to specialized requirements management tools purpose-built for managing requirements. Accompa is a leading web-based requirements management tool (i.e. a SaaS tool for requirements management), built specifically to manage requirements in an easy-to-use and affordable way. How can requirements management tools benefit you?

Challenges for Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Analysis & Engineering: Personnel in product management, product marketing, business analysis & engineering get requirements and feature requests from customers and internal stakeholders via email, phone, and in-person. These personnel (i.e. product managers, product marketing managers, business analysts, requirements analysts, engineering leads, project managers, et al) have to capture, track and manage requirements and ensure the requirements are prioritized into upcoming product releases. This is very hard to do with tools such as spreadsheets, word processors & wikis.

Accompa Requirements Management Software: Designed for product managers, product marketing managers, business analysts, engineering leads & architects, project managers and related professionals (such as requirements analysts, system analysts, et al), Accompa solves the challenges in gathering requirements, managing requirements and tracking requirements. It's an easy-to-use, hosted requirements management tool - and starts at just $199/month, i.e. very affordable. Why choose Accompa?
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