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What does Accompa Single Sign-On (SSO) do?

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Accompa SSO enables you to use your company's existing directory of user names and passwords, such as Active Directory or LDAP, for your Accompa user login.

Accompa SSO is an easy-to-implement SSO solution based on the SOAP protocol. You simply build a SOAP web service using the WSDL we provide. Then you can enforce some or all users on your Accompa system to use SSO for login.

Benefits of SSO:

  • Reduce Administrative Costs: With SSO, authentication information for your users resides in a central directory - such as Active Directory, or LDAP. This minimizes the need to maintain a separate Accompa username/password system, and reduces user emails to the Accompa administrator at your organization regarding forgotten passwords.
  • Improve Ease-of-use: With SSO, each user will have only a single username and password - both to access your company network, and Accompa. This means an easier-to-use environment that provides seamless access to your Accompa system.
  • Increase Security: Any password security policies that have been established for your company network will also be automatically in effect for Accompa. Furthermore, by implementing an authentication credential which is only valid for a single use (by means of Accompa "Token-SSO" implementation) will increase the security of your Accompa system.
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