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Can I import an Excel file containing accented characters (French, German, etc) into Accompa?

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Do you need to import an Excel (or other spreadsheet) file that contains accented characters such as é, ç, ü, etc?

As long as your CSV file has UTF-8 (also referred to as "Unicode - UTF8") encoding - you can import it without any problems. The accented characters will be saved properly within Accompa.

If you're using Microsoft Excel to create your CSV file, you may run into an issue:

  • When you're using accented characters (such as é, ç, ü, etc) - Microsoft Excel does not generate a UTF-8 compliant CSV file.

To resolve this issue, please do the following:

  • Save the Excel file as a CSV file. How do I do this?
  • Open the CSV file generated by Excel using another software which can create UTF-8 compliant CSV files. On Windows computers - the easiest way to do this is as follows:
    • Open the file using Notepad.
    • Click "File > Save As".
    • In the dialog window that appears - select "UTF-8" from the "Encoding" field. Then click "Save".
  • That's all! Just use this new CSV file within the Import Wizard in Accompa.
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