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What are "User Roles"?

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"User Roles" allow you to assign different privileges to different users on your Accompa account.

For example, you may want to assign some users full privileges to read/edit/delete, while restricting other users to just "Read only".

Accompa comes pre-configured with 5 different "user roles" (you can also create custom user roles):

  1. Administrator (including Billing): This user has the highest privilege and can perform any activities on your account, including creating and deleting users - and even deleting all of your data. Assign this privilege only to highly trusted individuals.
  2. Administrator: Same as above, except this user will not be able to perform billing activities such as buying new licenses and additional storage. Assign this privilege only to highly trusted individuals.
  3. Full User: This user is able to perform all activities - except for administrative tasks such as billing, managing users & customizing your organization's Accompa system.
  4. Collaborator: Reporter: This user can read requirements, participate in discussion threads, and add new requirements. This user cannot edit/delete existing requirements.
  5. Collaborator: Reader: This user can only read requirements, and participate in discussion threads. This user cannot create new requirements, nor edit existing requirements.

Please see the table below for a detailed list of privileges for each of these 5 user roles.

Table Legend:
    AB = Admin (including Billing); A = Admin; F = Full User;
    RP = Collaborator-
Reporter; RD = Collaborator-Reader

    Y = Yes; N = No

Features User Roles
Administrative Features
Manage Users (Add/Edit/Delete Users) Y Y N N N
Customize Accompa (Add/Edit/Delete Fields) Y Y N N N
Mass Edit/Delete Requirements Y Y N N N
Configure Company Settings Y Y N N N
Manage Billing (Buy Licenses & Storage, Print Invoices, Cancel Account) Y N N N N
User Features
Add Requirements Y Y Y Y** N
Add Relationships  Y Y Y Y** N
Add Attachments  Y Y Y Y** N
Add Links Y Y Y Y** N
Edit/Delete Requirements Y Y Y N N
View Requirements Y Y Y Y Y
Search Requirements Y Y Y Y Y
Create Views Y Y Y N N
Edit/Delete Views Y Y Y* N N
Import Requirements Y Y Y N N
Read Discussion Threads Y Y Y Y Y
Post Discussion Threads Y Y Y Y Y
Create Requirements Document (MRD/PRD/SRS) Y Y Y N N
Create Traceability Matrix Y Y Y N N
* Full User (F) can only edit and delete views created by himself/herself.
** Collaborator-Reporter (RP) can add new requirements, relationships, as well as attachments & links. This is the only difference from "Collaborator-Reader" (RD) role.

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