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What are "Embeddable" SmartForms?

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"Embeddable" SmartForms enable you to integrate your SmartForms right into your web page's design. Now you can integrate forms seamlessly into your web site or web-based software, and use them to gather requests from your customers and internal teams.

When users click "Submit", data will be submitted to your Accompa system without taking your users off of your website.

Because "embeddable SmartForms" are meant to blend into your website design, they will not show the background and logo image that are shown in normal SmartForms.

Implementation: Embedding SmartForms into your website is very easy. Simply ask your webmaster to place the 2-3 lines of code we provide into your desired web page.

  1. Login to Accompa.
  2. Click on "AutoCapture" tab. Then click on "Manage SmartForms" link.
  3. If you had previously created the desired SmartForm - simply click the "embed" link next to your SmartForm. Copy the code in the window that opens, and send it to your webmaster.
  4. If you haven't yet created the desired SmartForm - you can create it by following the steps listed here. After creating it, please follow step-3 above.

Requirements: Your users should have an IFRAME compatible web browser. All popular modern browsers (including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari) are IFRAME compatible.

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