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How Do You Manage Feature Requests Today?

If your company is like most, feature requests come to your team in many forms today - emails, phone calls, website, meetings, etc. Does your team manage them using Excel, Word, email folders, or wikis? Gathering and managing feature requests & requirements using these tools can severely handicap your team, due to reasons discussed later in this page. On the other hand...

Accompa, a leading enterprise-quality requirements management software used by more than 100 companies of all sizes (Fortune-500 to startups), offers you a much more efficient and effective way to gather and manage your feature requests and requirements. Product management, product marketing, engineering, IT, project management and related teams use Accompa to better understand and meet their customers' needs. Here's why...

You can create custom web forms in under 10 minutes - then use them to gather feature requests from your customers as well as internal teams like Sales & Support. But that's just one feature - Accompa has many other useful features, built to benefit your team and your customers. Before we get to the list of features, please consider this point...

Why Excel™, Word™ & Wikis Are Often Wrong Tools
For Managing Your Features & Requirements

When it comes to tracking & managing your feature requests and requirements, tools such as Excel, Word & wikis have some benefits. They are readily available and your team already knows how to use them. But they are often the wrong tools for the task at hand. Why? Using such "general purpose" tools to track & manage your feature requests and requirements can lead to:
  • Incomplete Requirements
    • As these are all general-purpose tools, it is very hard to gather requirements in a structured fashion. This often leads to incomplete requirements - one of the biggest reasons for project failures in a large study by The Standish Group.
  • Incorrect Requirements
    • Requirements documents created using Excel and Word usually are stored on the author's computer, and are not accessible by others in real-time.
    • This makes it harder to share, discuss, validate, and track changes - frequently leading to incorrect requirements which often cause project delays & failures.
  • Lost Requirements
    • Most importantly - it is very easy for requirements to drop through the cracks when using Excel/Word/wikis to manage them. Even critical requirements can be lost when the author forgets, is reassigned, or leaves your organization.
Incomplete, incorrect and lost requirements lead to PROJECT DELAYS, PROJECT FAILURES, and UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS WHO DEFECT - without you even knowing it is caused by the wrong tools. This is bad enough, but these tools are often even worse...

Wrestling with tools like Excel, Word & wikis to manage features and requirements TAKES VALUABLE TIME AWAY from your team's higher-value activities, CAUSES UNNECESSARY STRESS and FRUSTRATES YOU...

This is why Engineering & Sales teams at most companies do NOT use Excel, Word & wikis to track their Issues and Opportunities. They use tools built for that particular task -- i.e. Bug trackers and CRM software, respectively. You too can prevent these losses and save valuable time by choosing the right tool to manage your feature requests and requirements. Here's how...

How You Can Get The Right Tool
And Prevent These Losses

Gartner, the leading independent market research organization, says the following:

"Requirements management can be simplified if initial requirements definitions are captured in a database-based tool to enable collaborative review... traceability and versioning/change control"

Matt Light, Research Director, Gartner
Accompa is the leading web-based requirements management tool that allows you to avoid the shortcomings of Excel & Word, and track & manage your requirements successfully using a central, customizable database.
Accompa is an easy-to-use and proven enterprise-quality software used by more than 100 companies
of all sizes to manage their requirements and feature requests. It's fully customizable to fit your organization's needs. It's also affordably priced -
it starts at just $199/month to serve your customers' needs better.
  P.S. Comparable enterprise-quality requirements software can cost 2-6 times the price of Accompa, depending on the number of licenses you need. Why is Accompa less expensive?

When you get Accompa - you get access to an enterprise-quality software to serve your customer needs better, at an affordable price.
Get 30-day FREE trial now & Start managing YOUR requirements Get 30-day FREE trial now & Start managing YOUR requirements

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30-day FREE Trial. Start managing YOUR requirements in just 3 minutes.
  Features You Need, And Nothing More  
Here's just a sampling of the many powerful features in Accompa:

1. Gather Feature Requests & Requirements Using Custom Web Forms

  • Gather feature requests & requirements over the web using custom web forms called "SmartForms".
  • Create customized web forms in just minutes for use in gathering requirements from customers as well as internal stakeholders such as Sales and Support teams. Use as stand-alone forms, or embed into your website.
  • SmartForm submissions are automatically converted into requirements using custom criteria to save you valuable time.
  • Review SmartForm submissions easily and process them for further action.

2. Store & Manage Structured Requirements Centrally

  • Store structured requirements in a central, web based database - instead of in unstructured documents and emails on the PCs of individuals like product managers or engineers.
  • Create, track & manage requirements, features and use cases for your products/projects right from your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari) - without installing or maintaining any software.
  • Access securely from anywhere (work, home or road) with any computer connected to the Internet.
  • Enable multiple users to simultaneously access up-to-date requirements.

3. Customize to Fit Your Needs

  • Customize your Accompa software requirements management solution right from your web browser, to fit the unique needs of your organization and users.
  • Create unlimited custom fields to capture and track all aspects of your requirements in the form of structured data.
  • Create custom views to manage requirements for multiple products/projects.
  • Define custom user roles to implement access privileges based on a user's role in your organization.
  • Integrate Accompa with other software used by your organization (such as bugtrackers, test case tools, in-house applications, etc) using Pre-built Integrations to popular tools as well as Accompa Web Services API. Implement Single-Sign-On (SSO) to integrate user login with your Active Directory or LDAP.

4. Track Changes & Dependencies Automatically

  • Track dependencies and relationships between requirements easily - and avoid missed requirements which often lead to project failures.
  • Perform quick impact analysis when changing, removing or deferring a requirement from a project.
  • Meet your auditing & change management goals easily using baselines and automatic change history tracking.
  • Ensure completeness of requirements in a project using features such as traceability matrix.

5. Share Requirements & Collaborate in Real-Time

  • Share requirements across different departments of your organization in real-time - securely over the web.
  • Collaborate with customers and internal stakeholders via easy-to-use tools such as integrated discussion boards.
  • Identify the most popular requirement themes using our powerful Social Tags.
  • Get automatic email alerts on requirements, discussions, products and projects of interest to you.

6. Prioritize Requirements Using Systematic Methodology

  • Prioritize requirements using repeatable, systematic methodology based on ROI (Return on Investment) metrics.
  • Create custom formula to calculate ROI of your requirements, to fit criteria important to your organization.
  • Say goodbye to prioritization based on ad-hoc methods and judgment calls.
  • Focus your resources on highest value requirements - instead of just requirements that seem interesting.

7. Save Time & Eliminate Hassles Using Powerful Capabilities

  • Find requirements of interest to you instantly using Accompa's powerful, customizable "Search".
  • Group and manage requirements and features in a hierarchical structure using interactive trees.
  • Create and use requirements baselines to achieve powerful change management capabilities.
  • Import from Excel with just a few clicks; Export with a single-click to Microsoft Word, Excel or HTML.

8. Generate Requirements Documents Using Intuitive Wizards

  • Save time and reduce hassles involved in creating requirements documents such as MRD (market requirements document), PRD (product requirements document) or SRS (software requirements specifications).
  • Create requirements documents (MRD, PRD or SRS) right from Accompa using intuitive wizards.
  • Export with a single-click to Microsoft Word, HTML, or PDF to work on them further.
Accompa has many other useful features to help you better understand your customer needs and meet them in an efficient and effective fashion...

Imagine you and your team using Accompa to gather and manage your feature requests & requirements. You avoid all the losses & unnecessary stress caused by ill-suited tools like Excel & Word - and work far more efficiently and better meet customer needs. Click the button below to try it risk-free right now...
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Customers Of All Sizes Love Us

100% Guaranteed. Get 30-day FREE trial now & Start managing YOUR requirements Get 30-day FREE trial now & Start managing YOUR requirements
30-day FREE Trial. Start managing YOUR requirements in just 3 minutes.
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P.P.S. Start right now while this idea is still fresh on your mindEach day you delay - your team may be suffering project delays, project failures and lost customers due to ill-suited tools. Save your team & company from these losses. Click here to get started - FREE Trial...
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