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What is a "Relationship Tree", and how do I use it?

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This help article is outdated. Please see the following help article: "What is an "Upstream/Downstream Tree", and how do I use it?"

A Relationship Tree of a requirement displays all other requirements that are connected to it via a direct or indirect relationship.

To view the Relationship Tree of a requirement:

  1. Click Requirements tab of your Accompa system.
  2. Go to "Requirement Details" page of the desired requirement. (How do I do this?)
  3. Scroll down to Related Requirements  section, and click "Relationship Tree" button.
  4. The resulting page displays the relationship tree of this requirement.

The Relationship Tree enables you to achieve Requirements Traceability - i.e. trace how a requirement relates to higher- and lower-level requirements. This in turn enables your team to:

  • Assess how each requirement impacts other requirements, and perform impact analysis.
  • Ensure requirements coverage.
  • Avoid mistakenly omitted requirements which lead to missing functionality and/or cause shortcomings.
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