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How do I benefit if I choose Accompa?

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Accompa is a hosted requirements management software that enables you to store, track and manage product requirements & project requirements easily - over the web. Here are some ways in whcih you benefit when you choose Accompa:
Save Time

  • Do you find that juggling emails, Excel/Word, and Post-Its to keep track of requirements consumes a lot of time? Track and manage requirements easily and efficiently using Accompa.
  • Does keeping all members of your project team updated with the latest requirements consume even more of your time? Accompa makes it a snap.
  • Save a ton of time by choosing Accompa, and free yourselves and your team to focus on critical, high-value activities - not keeping track of emails and spreadsheets.

 Meet Customer Needs & Increase Loyalty

  • Store and track customer requirements over the web, and manage them while ensuring no dropped balls.
  • Delight customers by creating products driven by customer needs rather than by other factors.
  • Achieve increased customer loyalty, repeat purchases and customer referrals - by creating customer-driven products.

 Save Money

  • Accompa is delivered as hosted software, with a low monthly fee starting at just $25/month/user - you can start with as few as 1 user license!
  • Save up to 90% of the costs associated with buying, installing and maintaining requirements management software.
  • Save up to 80% over expensive hosted software that try to do too much and end up not doing anything well. Accompa does one thing very, very well - managing requirements.
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