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What are "Custom User Roles"?

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Accompa comes with preconfigured "user roles" as explained here - they enable you to allocate different access privileges to different users, and are based on commonly needed privilege-levels.

In addition, you can create what are known as Custom User Roles. These allow you to customize access privileges to users based on the specific needs of your organization. After you create a Custom User Role - you can assign it to one or more of your users who belong to the same functional organization, or otherwise share common characteristics.

You can create 2 types of Custom User Roles:

  • Global Scope: Users assigned to a user role with "Global Scope" can access all requirements on your Accompa system.
    • You can restrict their field-level access privileges as described below.
  • Restricted Scope: Users assigned to a user role with "Restricted Scope" can only access a subset of requirements on your Accompa system. This subset is defined using Master Projects.

    The "Master Projects" feature is deprecated, and has been replaced by the "Spaces" feature.

With Custom User Roles you can control user privileges:

  • Object-level: Restrict users to "read only", "add only" or "edit only" privileges for requirements, features or use cases
  • Field-level: Define "read" and "edit" privileges at a field-by-field level - i.e. allow users to read and/or edit only certain fields
  • Restrict the users' ability to create SmartViews
  • Restrict the users' ability to delete items
  • Benefit: Achieve even more effective collaboration at your organization - by offering restricted Accompa access across internal teams such as Product Management/Marketing, Development, QA, Sales, Support, Professional Services, et al.

Examples of Custom User Roles you can create and assign to groups of users include:

  • Product Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Engineering Lead
  • QA Lead
  • Development Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Rep
  • Support Rep
  • etc...
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