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How do I benefit from this eBook?
The practical tips in this eBook will help you and your team:
  1. Learn the basics of use cases,
  2. Write clear & effective use cases to document requirements,
  3. Reduce project delays caused by incomplete requirements, and
  4. Build more successful products by meeting customer needs via well-written use cases.
Can I benefit from this eBook without buying your software?
Yes, you can implement all of the tips in this eBook without buying our software.

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The Practical Guide to Use Cases

(Based on 2 decades of practical experience)

Does your team write or manage requirements for your products or projects?

Get this eBook and learn the basics of use cases - plus simple & practical tips for writing effective use cases. Help your team save time, reduce project delays, and build more successful products - by documenting functional requirements via use cases. Especially useful during this challenging economy - Get it now.
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Accompa is a 100% cloud-based requirements management software
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